2015 Volunteer Award Winners

Mayor’s Volunteer Awards Luncheon 2015 Awards

Rookie of the Year – A volunteer who has been with Project Compassion for a year or less.

Project Compassion was blessed with two wonderful volunteers to give the first “Rookie of the Year” award to. Both from Chapel Ridge Health and Rehabilitation and nominated by Sue Bly, the Activity Director. Combined, these two ladies volunteered over 2500 hours last year!

Evoynn McGee has been a devoted volunteer at Chapel Ridge for the last year. She assists with activity programs and parties. On Bingo days, she arrives early to help get it set up and ready. She has a happy and joking mood that makes everything more fun. Evoynn buys every resident a gift on their birthday and gives birthday cards signed by all employees and volunteers. This makes the residents feel so special. Every two to three months she plans a potluck for the entire staff and this is greatly appreciated by all.


Holly Osborne gives 9 hours a day spending most of her time on Reflection Point Dementia Unit and knows and loves every resident there. She has wonderful relationships with each one. She encourages, listens, and runs many activities helping the staff, also. Every party and program is enriched by her helping hand. She assists with meals, walks with residents, and at times you will even catch them dancing in the hallway! Every resident feels free to ask her for help and she can be counted on to follow through until the need is accomplished. She is always cheerful and uplifting.


Volunteer of the Year – A volunteer who has been with Project Compassion for 3 or more years.

We are proud to have such a dedicated person to give the 2015 “Volunteer of the Year” award to. She was nominated by Beverly Flynn, the Activity Director at Covington Court.

Angela “Mama” Avila spends most evenings volunteering at Covington Court Health and Rehabilitation. Mama is 96-years-young and has been a volunteer with Project Compassion for 3 years. She visits residents, passes out ice and clothing protectors at dinner time, and offers a drink and a hug. Mama helps with Bingo, parties and always insists on helping to clean up afterwards. She has been an Angel to the residents and staff of Covington Court.


Gloria White Community Angel – An individual in the community who exemplifies the qualities of our late founder, Gloria White. Nominated by Cherry Long and Patty Pair, colleagues of this year’s winner.

Dr. Dana Rabideau has practiced medicine for 43 years. He is committed to improving the quality of life for citizens in our community. He demonstrates leadership, integrity, dedication, and compassion in his work. Countless times, Dr. Rabideau has cleared a spot in his busy schedule to see a patient for no other reason than to reassure a concerned family member or loved one. Many times he would travel to nursing homes to visit patients. Every patient was given the same care and always with a smile. Dr. Rabideau’s personal commitment in his field and unselfish attitudes to colleagues, co-workers, and patients alike, continues to motivate and encourage those around him to join the effort to help those who need it.